Reliable & Scalable E-Mail Delivery Service

Along with the rapid development of the Internet era, businesses and companies have started to perform advertising and customer relations transactions over the internet. For example, many stores started selling online. By make the customers to enter their e-mail information on the website, customer relations of the companies can be carried out via e-mail.

If you have an e-commerce site that you sell online, you want your customers to know about the campaigns and the advantageous prices. In order for your customers to know about these things, you need to ask them for e-mail. Then, through these e-mail records, you need to send them the news of all the advantages. This will enable your customers to shop more frequently from your website.”If you have an e-commerce site, you need to reach many customers on the internet. It is impossible for you to reach so many people manually by e mail. Manually sending tens or thousands of mail is almost impossible. Therefore, you need a system that automatically sends e mails to a ready-made mailing list. We have discovered a site about this issue and we have written this article to tell you how this site works.”

There are many e-mail service packages available on the website of SMTP2GO, which you can purchase in accordance with your e-commerce site. You can choose between these packages. You need to pay attention to the number of customers who are shopping from your E commerce site. You can decide which e-mail service package you need in accordance with this number.

According to our research, we have gathered information about the different e mail service packages offered to you on the SMTP2GO site. Here are different e mail service packages:

1- Gold: It is an e-mail service package that you can buy for approximately 14 dollars per month. Monthly, a total of 20,000 e-mail automatically sends to your customers by this service.

2- Diamond: It is an e mail service package that you can buy for 69 USD per month. A total of 100,000 e-mails are sent to your customers automatically. IP addresses, e-mail delivery reports and some additional options are included in the package.

3- Diamond Elite: It is an e mail service package that you can buy for 199 dollars per month. A total of 300.000 automatic mail can be sent in this package.

4- Custom: There is no special pricing to buy this customizable package. Depending on the features you want, the price may change. It is an e mail service package that can send 1 million or more e-mails automatically.

We gave you information about this smtp2go e mail service. You can get e-mail service for your e commerce site by getting extra information about the package you want via If you buy an annual service from this website, the first two months are free for you. Therefore, if you wish, you can buy one-year service and benefit from affordable offers and benefits.